Magicman supports Trees 4 Travel

At Magicman our aim is to provide you with the best in situ repairs that not only save you money and time on replacements but also helps save the environment.

Saving the environment and making ourselves greener is a huge part of our ethos here at Magicman.

By repairing in situ, we are minimalising the amount of waste created and sent to landfill as we are not replacing the item in question. To offset our carbon emission whilst sending techs not only nationwide but also globally, we needed to come up with a way we could be more accountable for our carbon footprint.

We take the necessary time up front to make sure everything is ready before any action is taken since we want to ensure that every aspect of your project runs well. This degree of attention to detail is evident in everything we do, from completing projects on schedule and within budget to delivering thorough reports after the fact so you are aware of every single aspect.

With Magicman, we repair in situ, which means we will use products to patch the surface that most closely resemble the intrinsic characteristics, tone, colour, and texture of the original structure. Our procedures produce the least amount of waste possible, upholding our commitment to sustainability.

In our continued effort to improve our R&D and develop new ways of delivering sustainability across the business, Magicman partnered with Trees 4 Travel to give back to the environment as part of our CSR to ensure we adhering to our sustainability ethos.

By measuring our CO2 output from our air travel, we can attach a value to the same and equate this through Trees4Travel to a number of trees to be planted in exchange. 

According to Trees 4 Travel “If everyone plants a tree each time they board a plane, air travel would be CO2 negative within 16 years!” this instils confidence that we share the same goal. We will be tracking our carbon output to ensure we offset it with planting of trees.

Trees 4 Travel add that: “Our planet has space for an additional 1.2 trillion trees. If we protect and restore forests, we can reverse the current climate change trends and create a world where forests are expanding and not shrinking.” Reforestation and fighting climate change are at the top of Magicman’s agenda and we will continue to pursue a sustainable goal for future projects.

They have stated that “By planting trees in developing countries, we then also help to restore ecosystems, biodiversity & support local communities through the dignity of employment. Reforestation will help reverse climate change, but trees can sometimes be fragile & take time to grow, so to ensure we remove carbon emissions as quickly as possible, we always assign each tree with a share of a United Nations (CER) certified emissions reduction where we simultaneously invest into renewable energy projects, essentially doubling our promise & backing up our CO2 removal claim.”

This instils the confidence we need at Magicman to help aid reforestation and get closer to our sustainability goals.

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