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Magicman Repair Services originated from the experience of its CEO as both an Engineer and Shipwright and the amalgamation of skills attained from his time in the restoration business. Over the intervening 30+ years, Magicman has further developed, through its own Research & Development (R&D) department, an innovative collection of repair techniques to meet the ever-changing demand for new substrates manufactured for various industries.

Trusted by 14 major insurance companies, over 300 contractors, 11 international maritime brands and projects completed in Europe, the Middle & Far East, Mediterranean, Australasia, Canada and North America, Magicman is the name you can trust.

The term “Magicman” has become synonymous with onsite repair work and although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it has its problems. Many small enterprises use terms and names designed in some way to associate themselves with Magicman, even though we have never trained them or have the necessary skill, materials, or plant to attain the same standards. Many purport to be a “Magicman” but unless we have trained them, then they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. BEWARE!

“Magic Man” / “Magicman” / “Repair, “Renew, Restore” are all protected by Trademarks owned and controlled by Magic Man Holdings Ltd.

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Magicman History

Magicman Holdings Limited. is a family run company with a 30-year history operating with its Headquarters in Sussex U.K.

Since 1993 Magicman has grown from a regional to national to international service provider. 

Magicman are repair experts who rejuvenate damaged interior and exterior surfaces. Magicman services are utilised by not only domestic clients but also, large conglomerates, defence, healthcare, education, insurance and many more markets and enterprises. 

We can repair onsite without removal a myriad of surfaces both internal and external whilst significantly reducing cost, advancing rectification timescales, and saving significant waste to landfill.

We specialise in new construction, dilapidations, refurbishment, restoration, and renovation projects and can repair practically any manufactured hard surface, including woods, plastics, metals, and ceramics.

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Magicman Training Academy

Magicman’s Training Academy is a standalone building on the Magicman campus that has always been the bedrock of the business and enables all new employees to learn the necessary skills required of a Magicman Technician. The training programme consists of 5 weeks residential training which covers every aspect of repair work, Health & Safety, interpersonal, I.T. and subtle management skills.

We call this initial training as the new employee will require further additional training on new techniques throughout their career and introduced from time to time as well as advancement training should they wish to attain higher management roles.

Magicman’s investment in new plant and technology, its bespoke Training Academy as well as research into new and innovative products developed worldwide enables the company to lead rather than follow in terms of variety and complexity of repair possibilities. R&D also helps with emerging sustainability goals of industries.

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Awarded Sustainable product of the year 2020
And best hard surfaces restoration & repair service 2022

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