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At Magicman, we prioritise safety, recognising the critical need for reliable slip resistant solutions in environments where slips and falls pose significant risks. Our Slip-Resistant Surface Coating service, designed for shower trays and baths make it an ideal choice for care homes, hospitals, hotels, and various other settings.

The Magic of Slip-Resistant Coatings

Tailored Safety Solutions

Our slip-resistant coatings are custom-tailored to address unique safety needs. Whether in care homes requiring extra stability or hotels prioritising safety for the young, elderly and infirm.

Versatility in Application

Our Slip-Resistant Service is applicable to shower trays and baths. Our solution ensures enhanced traction where it matters most.

Industries We Serve

1. Care Homes

Enhance resident safety in care homes with our slip-resistant coatings, reducing the risk of accidents in bathrooms and communal shower spaces.

2. Hospitals

Our coatings meet the stringent hygiene and safety standards of healthcare facilities, providing an ideal solution for hospitals.

3. Hotels

In the hospitality industry, where guest safety is paramount, our coatings contribute to a secure and comfortable stay.

4. More Industries

Beyond these sectors, our slip-resistant coatings find application in any space where safety is a concern, offering tailored solutions.

Why Choose Magicman’s Slip-Resistant Coating?

1. Expert Application

Our skilled technicians ensure precise and effective application, with meticulous attention to detail to guarantee optimal performance.

2. Tailored Solutions

We understand that each environment has unique safety requirements, and our solutions are crafted to address specific needs, providing a bespoke approach.

3. Versatile Application

Our slip-resistant surface solutions are applicable to various shower tray and bath surfaces, adding an extra layer of protection where needed most.

4. Industry Experience

With over 30 years of industry expertise, Magicman stands as a trusted name in hard surface solutions, reflecting our commitment to excellence and safety.

Benefits of a Slip-Resistant Surface

1. Reduced Slip-Related Injuries

Our coatings significantly decrease the risk of slips, trips, and falls, contributing to a safer environment and reducing related injuries.

2. May Help Insurance Premiums

Investing in slip-resistant surfaces could lead to lower insurance premiums by mitigating the risk of accidents and subsequent claims.

3. Documented Slip Resistance Readings & Report:

We can offer documented slip resistance readings and reports, offering tangible proof of the enhanced safety our coatings provide. We used advanced technology to provide advanced readings of the application.

4. Quick Installation:

Our coatings are quick to install, minimising disruption and allowing for swift integration into your existing surfaces.

5. Non-Intrusive (Colour Matched to Surface):

The non-intrusive nature of our coatings, matched to the colour of the surface, ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing integration.

6. Easy Clean:

Maintaining a slip-resistant surface is hassle-free, with easy cleaning to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

7. Increased Bather/Shower User Confidence:

Users can confidently navigate wet surfaces, knowing that our slip-resistant coatings enhance traction and reduce the risk of accidents.

Elevating Safety, One Surface at a Time

Magicman’s Slip-Resistant Surface Coating service is more than just an application; it’s a commitment to safety and well-being. With personalised solutions, versatility, and a host of benefits, our coatings enhance safety in care homes, hospitals, hotels, and various other environments. Contact us today to discuss how our Slip-Resistant Surface Coating service can elevate safety in your space.

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