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At Magicman, we understand the critical role fire doors play in ensuring the safety of occupants and protecting valuable assets. Fire doors, found in high-traffic areas such as military bases, airports, hospitals, offices, and schools, are subjected to substantial wear and tear. The constant flow of people, trolleys, and equipment can lead to visible damage that downgrade the doors appearance. Our dedicated Fire Door Repair and Restoration service is designed to address these challenges, providing specialised solutions for internal and external fire doors.

In an era where many wooden door repairs are being conducted by “cosmetic” repair companies, it’s crucial to scrutinise the methods employed. Numerous companies resort to using hard and soft waxes, which, despite being labeled as “cosmetic” repairs, lack longevity, impact resistance, and the composite qualities essential for the substrate. Essentially, they merely disguise the damage without addressing the core issues. In contrast, Magicman employs an engineered repair system that not only restores the appearance but, more importantly, preserves the intrinsic substrate qualities.

Definition of “Cosmetic”

The term “cosmetic” implies measures or changes that enhance the appearance without altering the fundamental nature of the object or situation. Often deemed inadequate, such measures are superficial, touching up the surface without addressing underlying concerns.

Fire and Security Doors: A Cost-Effective Solution

Fire and security doors, while vital for safety, can be a considerable investment. Non-automated door sets, particularly those in passageways, are prone to damage from trolleys, carts, and forklifts. The conventional approach involves replacement, which is both expensive and time-consuming. However, Magicman challenges this norm,  a recent case in London where consistent damage during construction led to frequent replacements. A pragmatic Project Manager, cognizant of the cost and time implications, engaged Magicman for repairs. Despite initial concerns from the door manufacturer regarding potential impacts on fire rating and efficiency, a door was repaired on both faces and sent to an accredited fire testing facility.

Testing Facility Summary
The testing facility’s comprehensive evaluation concluded that Magicman’s proprietary repair system, when applied to uninsulated, steel-based door sets, did not compromise their fire performance. In fact, these door sets, successfully fire tested for up to 240 minutes integrity, incorporated Magicman repairs without detracting from their overall performance. The manufacturers, after a thorough review of the evidence, officially approved the application of Magicman materials to their fire door sets, affirming that it does not compromise the fire performance of their products.

Substance Matters
Magicman’s commitment to substance over superficiality is evident in its approach to door repairs. By preserving the intrinsic qualities of the substrate and challenging conventional practices in fire and security door maintenance, Magicman stands as a symbol of innovation and effectiveness in the realm of engineered repairs. Choose Magicman for repairs that go beyond the surface, ensuring longevity, impact resistance, and the preservation of essential qualities.

Specially Trained Technicians
Our technicians undergo specialised training at our academy to handle the intricacies of fire door repair and restoration. Understanding the unique requirements of fire doors, they bring a combination of skill and knowledge to ensure each repair meets the highest standards of safety.

The Magicman Advantage

1. Comprehensive Repair Services:
Our focus is on the direct damage to the fire door itself. From dents and scratches to chips and cracks, we address a range of issues that can compromise the door’s appearance and functionality. Our technicians have the expertise to perform seamless repairs, leaving the door not only restored but also fully compliant with fire safety standards.

2. Diverse Industry Experience:
Magicman has worked its magic in diverse settings, including hospitals, ships, schools and sports facilities. This extensive industry experience equips us with insights into the unique challenges posed by different environments. Whether it’s a military base with stringent security protocols or a bustling sports facility, our team tailors solutions to meet specific needs.

3. Preservation of Fire Rating
We understand the critical importance of maintaining the fire rating of doors in high-risk areas. Our meticulous repair process, coupled with technology-driven precision, ensures that the fire rating remains intact. You can trust Magicman to enhance the visual appeal of fire doors without compromising their fundamental safety features.

Why Choose Magicman for Fire Door Repair and Restoration?

1. Commitment to Safety
Safety is at the forefront of our fire door repair and restoration service. We prioritise the integrity of the doors to ensure they continue to meet stringent fire safety standards.

2. Precision in Every Fire Door Repair
Our technicians approach each repair with precision and attention to detail. From initial assessments to final checks, we uphold the highest standards to guarantee the effectiveness of the repairs.

3. Compliance with Industry Standards
Magicman operates in full compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our fire door repairs align with the necessary safety protocols, giving you confidence in the reliability of our services.

4. Tailored Solutions for Every Setting
Recognising the unique demands of different environments, we tailor our solutions to suit specific needs. Whether in a hospital, office, or military base, our approach is adaptable to diverse settings.

Elevate Safety with Magicman’s Fire Door Repair and Restoration

At Magicman, we go beyond mere repairs; we maintain the safety and functionality of fire doors. With specially trained technicians, advanced technology, and a commitment to compliance, our Fire Door Repair and Restoration service is your assurance of safety and quality. Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance the longevity and performance of your fire doors.

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Fire Door Repair Example
Fire Door Repair Example
Fire Door Repair Example
Fire Door Repair Example
Fire Door Repair Example

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