How Magicman is helping cruise lines maintain and improve

Cruise companies can rely on Magicman to restore their ships’ interiors as sustainably as possible

Cruise ships are more than just a place to sleep and eat; they provide a platform for offering an experience that brings people together.

It’s important that cruise lines keep their guests happy by making sure that this experience is as high quality as possible. That means it’s crucial for them to keep their fleets looking as good as possible, for as long as possible, while making the best use of time and money.

This is where Magicman can help. We carry out sustainable hard surface repairs that will keep a fleet looking sharp and beautiful, without shipowners needing to entirely replace a surface or piece of furniture or to go through the hassle of finding a new company every time they need some work done. Our teams can repair or restore any hard surface element of interior design; dents, scuffs, stains, cracks, holes, burns and splits are all quickly and efficiently managed to restore the original design aspects with minimal disruption, waste production and cost.

Magicman’s services enable not only the cruise operator but any sub-contractors involved in works to achieve shorter turnaround times for maintenance projects, which can lead to significant savings in time and money for both the ship operators and the contractors performing the work. Our teams work with the shipowner or sub-contractors through every step of the process – from initial brief to undertaking exceptional or unexpected additional works uncovered during the period onboard. Delivery beyond expectation is our mantra.

We also know that our clients care about the environment, and we do too. We understand that sustainability is just as important as style – that’s why we are passionate about repairing, rather than replacing, wherever possible. We’re keenly aware of how much waste goes into landfills each day, and we try our best to minimise the waste of our projects by offering sustainable solutions for clients.

Our team’s years of experience working onboard cruise ships and other vessels has shaped our delivery and processes to deliver the service in the unique marine environment on a global stage. Magicman, working in partnership in this high profile industry helps to maintain the aesthetic appearance of spaces and suites as well as extend the period required in between maintenance periods. Magicman, by using ride-on teams during service lessen works that would normally be undertaken during docking.

Magicman also work in partnership with many trades who, often can have unexpected need of our services when accidents happen. Having a Magicman team onboard during and post-refurbishment periods has proved to be the most effective damage management strategy.

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