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In late January, Magicman had the honour of joining forces with DisasterCare Platinum, one of the UK’s foremost Restoration and Recovery companies and the owners of the esteemed National Flood School in Wallingford. With our extensive experience in handling complex insurance claims, Magicman was approached by DisasterCare to address a unique challenge in flood restoration.

Recent advancements in drying technology have revolutionised the way water damage is tackled, allowing for the resolution of issues beneath tiled and wooden flooring without the need for disruptive removal. Utilising vent hoses inserted through drilled holes, professionals can effectively dehumidify and restore affected areas. However, a lingering challenge arises once the drying process is complete – the presence of unsightly holes in the tiles.

Hard Surface Repair Magicman - tile

This is where Magicman’s expertise shines brightest. With our proven track record in precision hard surface repair, we were tasked with providing seamless solutions to address the aftermath of the drying process. Our ability to seamlessly repair damaged tiles, even in the absence of spares, proved invaluable in restoring the integrity and aesthetics of flood-damaged spaces.

This was also a great training experience for our technicians and gave them near real world experience in flood situations. We also got the opportunity to give our trainees the chance at familiar repairs such as bath holes and cupboard damage.
See the examples below.

By collaborating with DisasterCare and the National Flood School, Magicman reaffirms its commitment to excellence in restoration. Our presence at this esteemed institution underscores our dedication to innovation and our ongoing efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions to the challenges posed by flood damage.

As we look to the future, Magicman remains committed to our mission of restoring and rejuvenating damaged surfaces, whether caused by floods, accidents, or everyday wear and tear. With our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, we stand ready to support homeowners, businesses, and restoration professionals in their quest to overcome the challenges posed by flood damage.

Repair Examples

Tile Repair Before
Tilte Repair After
bath Repair Before
Bath Repair After

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